Monday, March 20, 2017

Whats the update on Hiatus?

Hello everyone, I know its been a LONG while since my last post but since Spring Break is here for me, I can finally discuss on why i've been ignoring TheBurningSpiral for the past month or so.

*From here on forth I'm calling TheBurningSpiral (TBS) just so I don't prolong this post.

When I typically am on TBS, I think about the ongoings of wizard101's content. I've really thought about possible ways you can expand upon a 9 year old game but with all games, typically they get forgotten and left into obscurity. Like with World of Warcraft, Wizard101 typically is remembered by many as those as a genre that was defined by WoW, at least Wizard101 was appealing to this genre that was considered to be mature. In fact, you can argue that Wizard101 was the result of WoW since the earliest builds of wiz happened around 2005. Anyways, why did I bring these two games as mentions? Its simply because that both games get constant updates and as a result there would be bigger fanbases. As a result, people remember more of the things that were included.

Now why did I mention all this?  Lets just say if you completed everything(Getting gear, training the right pet,etc..), there really isn't anything exciting or amazing unless you stick to the side hobbies which are 3 things (as of this post), PvPing, Fishing, or Housing Games/Deco.  I really admire Housing Games/Deco simply because of the interaction of players but this really isn't satisfying my gameplay time of Wizard101. This as a result really hinders on my posts for TBS since there isn't really new content and/or anything of the importance. I also have to deal with the fact that college is now my norm and I can't always have the dedicated time to go on Wizard101 anymore like I did during my last 2 High School years. I'm not gonna be a sellout and make this blogsite a ad supported site that redirects you to other Fansites such as Swordroll, Legends of the Spiral, etc. because I want this website to be dedicated to my personal goings for Wiz and Real life.

So for the time being, I'm gonna be a bit more constant on the @BurningSpirals account, however I cannot give everyone the chance that I will constant post more and more on TBS. I really hope you guys can understand that and I thank you all for listening to this update on my hiatus.

-Jason Summerwielder
Creator of The Burning Spiral

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