Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The April Update: Pets

 I really wanted to focus more on the raging bull pet simply because it is the school in which I breathe under so if you were expecting a summary of the April Update, well... 

But anywho what really interests me about the Raging Bull is that even before you get the pet, it provides a story dialogue that actually foreshadows possible story/content for arc 3 like if Empyrean Ore is gonna be used in a crafting recipe? Or perhaps its the new Amber and will be the source to create all new craftable spells. 

*Story Summary Begin*

Anyways, when you talk to Ignus, he tells about a student that was planning to create monsters using this Empyrean ore (Foreshadow to expansions for Fire School) and he wants you to prevent him from doing that.

You face him with this new "Monster" which is actually just a mini raging bull and defeat him. Fortunately/Unfortunately he doesn't have any cheats but I am seeing that perhaps I will be wrong in the future. Once you defeat him, you get the pet back and receive the egg.

* Story Summary End *

Now Story aside, its time to look at the actual meat of this bull, the item card/talent pool.
Please note I got the 1st generation bull to epic so it shows all item cards it gets:

As you may have noticed the pet stats themselves excluding selfish talents really stand out for STR and AGI which is a decent pet to give 10% proof and also that the pet also has a Choke instead of the speculated 7 pip Raging Bull spell (Which as of this point I could be wrong since this pet isn't mega yet). In terms of the 1st generation pet, its a decent one to go off with but I think only if you love using support stalls like smoke screen and choke. However I think this does have some usage if its a Hybrid pet.

For Example: The Fire + Balance Pet

- It gives a balanceblade instead of fireblade which makes it ideal for universal support along with a smoke screen
-It also provides Stall cards like Choke (Though I kinda wish KI would give more better cards for fire pets to use)
Fire + Life Pet:

-Basically, this is a bull that gives lifeblade instead of balance
-If you are life and love stalling, then use this pet instead.

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